Dadís Biography


When I was a little boy and lived on a small farm, I saw the woods and thought they were so big. The small patch of land my dad worked was all he could handle.Sometimes I would carry him a jug of water and look at the birds, trees, and insects. He would drink 1/2 a jug at a time and his jumper would be wet with sweat.White salt would be in rings around his arms and shoulders.I thought he was having a big time and that every thing was the way it was suppose to be. I did know that someone did own the land and took and wondered why it was that way.Having no idea we were poor & the whole country was in a great depression.We had a few neighbors and everything sounded normal. I can remember when I was told to do something and did not do it right I was corrected and learned to do things right.And found out it was a rule to do a certain way and that was to be for all times. So that was a thing I noticed and it seemed that everyone in our family and all the people we met understood that rule.Today Iíll walk around and say Iíll try to do right, it canít be wrong.

But I finally went to town in a wagon as we had no car and I thought the world was full of people and wondered why they were so busy - everybody going every way.As I walked down the crowded street holding my dadís hand, stretching my neck to see something, I let go and walked on for a ways. Looked up and see that was not my dad with me. I panicked when I saw him no where.He found me and I never let go of his hand again.We did go into one of those stores - the grocery - but I thought there was a bunch of everything.There was a crowd of black people further down the street and I gazed at them as I did not remember seeing them.They acted normal so I did not know of their troubles, except that they were something special.

Finally got in school; so scared of going. My older sister already going.I knew I had to go too.After wetting in my pants a few times as I was too bashful to ask to be excused. I finally got the hang of it.By then my dad had a T car cut down back seat and yes still the wagon & mule that belong to the landlord. Around the road it was 2 1/2 miles about 2 cutting through the woods.At first Dad would take us but usually had to walk home in afternoon.We carried a lunch, which usually consist of peanut butter and cracker, biscuit and scrambled egg or bacon.Yes I can remember when sometimes a dry dough crust and a little chocolate was a delicious treat.Mama probably didnít know how much we liked it.And if we got caught sopping the chocolate pan we got a slap, but even now I still like to stick my finger in the cake pan and lick.

I remember the car would not run for some reason, but a friend (Mose Sweendale) came from town and under one of the big oak trees. He overhauled the engine and we were to stay a way as it was spread out all abound. And took 4 or 5 days to get it back to running and the total cost was $5.00.While we are on the subject of cars, we had some neighbors that lived in the wood west of us and we were visiting them one day.†† There were some old car bodies in the field near the house and us kids went to look at them. And yes I can remember it was a T 2door.So I opened the door and as I climbed into the seat and holding on to the stirring gear ready to really steer. I got too high, got my head into a nest of yellow jacket wasps and it really hurt.We had to go by the house that other neighbors, Mr. Paine, lived. Where we stay when our little sister (Evelyn Lucille Lane) was born.I remember when we saw Daddy the next morning, he said to us, ďwe have a new sisterĒ.Boy that gave us a shock. We could not imagine what it look like and did not think of why we were getting one.She looked ok to me and we thought everything was ok. But she did not live long.I remember another neighbor made a box for a coffin.All were learning a little more in school and I was more interested in my books and learning about the way life was going on.

Then my dad said he paid the money back to the bank for making the crop and had 30 some odd cents left and would have to quit the farm. Mama had been sick lots and had to have an operation which I did not know how bad. But then operations were bad & I remember she said they give her chloroform that made you sick. She was sick a long time.Some how we found an abandon house and the one that was in charge got 3 or 4 dollars out of Daddy for a few months. We found out he really did not have any rights (Did not own the house). So we stayed there quite a while. My dad worked for government project and got groceries and made a few mattresses by hand.

We were close to a school in walking distance. I remember we were to get free lunch but I did not want to. As going in the lunch room was an embarrassing thing as all we had to wear was those stripped union alls with a let down backdoor.And I keep my arms covered as I had the itch and the nurse would look you over as you came into the lunchroom.†† One day she caught me and rolled up my sleeve and that got my goat.She sent me home and a note on what to do - it took two weeks of washing, bailing, and greasing with sulfur and grease to get rid of it.Mama was stirring a little by then and a few months went by. We moved into a better house and got electric lights which I can remember was a big change.I think that was after my dad got a $20.00 bill.His first to call his own and kissed it and said he would never be broke again.Even at this time we still had the out house which they came around in wagons through the alleys with a scoop to clean it out and we had a tin tub and had to heat our water to bathe.

I have to go back once again when I lived on the farm when I was small to tell of a few events I can remember and after think of.Well my Uncle (Sam Vaughn) came to live with us. One day my dad got the shot gun - a long tom 12 ga. - to go kill a rabbit for breakfast.So my uncle went along and when daddy shot the rabbit, my uncle wanted to shoot another. My dad said it was a swamp rabbit and would be enough.†† My uncle said he could eat that easy.My dad won out and at breakfast mama fixed 2 platters of fried rabbit. And set one in front of my uncle and said he could have more if he eat all that.He could not eat it all and from then on we called him ďswampĒ....

He liked the woods even tho he had to help daddy cut wood and work on the farm.He seemed to like going into the woods, as I would go some times. And One day we were in the woods and my uncle begged my dad to look in a hallow up in a tree.So he climbed the tree and said there was a big owl.Daddy said to get his glove and daddy throwed him the glove and he reached in and pulled the owl out but the owl put his claws in my uncleís arm and did he holler and let go. And I saw the owl fly away.My uncle listened a little better to my dad after lot of mistakes, but it was too confining for him and he went to stay with more of his folks & did not have to take orders.

About this time and place, I can remember my older sister and I had a place to play with bought toys.We had a trench dug in the ground and several snuff bottles, the square kind as my dad dips every since I can remember and said he dipped all his life.Well we put them in the trench and made a train with bridges, underpasses, and etc.Little brother would get in on the act.Me and my sister would have to handle him in some way by giving him something else to play with, or carrying him off some where else so that he would not break our bottles, or start crying and get Mama on us.We would have beaten him up but mama would get us if he even sniffled.One time mama got on the war path and got after all of us - that is my older sister, me, and little Brother- as I had little baby sister too. And little bro. was not so pet any more.Any way we thought we were going to get skinned alive so we made a run for it. And thought we better carry little bro.We carried him down through the front 4 acres and as Mama was going, we dropped him and got through the fence into the pasture and woods.

Ha...we got away but then begin to get more scared than ever, as we knew we had to go home and that daddy would come in and she would tell him. Long about then is when we first began to pray for sure.I really was calling on the Lord for help. Some how we scramble out of it that time, but later my little brother made a run form Daddy around the house and around the house two or three times and into the cornfield.He was caught. I did not see him but heard him when he got caught. I was holding my breath.The roar beat all records and my sister was awful quiet too.Daddy did not whip us very often but I do know what the roots of a cotton stalk looks like.Itís really hard to make up my mind which was the worse - a cotton stalk or rolled up belt.Ha, they did not have imitation belts in those days.

About that time or a little later my sister and I got the unfair whipping with the rolled up belt.Anyway my dad had a new car pump. And came in and found it had been painted and ask all three of us, which one did it.No one admitted it and so out with the belt from one to the other again and again.The last time around he really slowed down but gave up.Little brother tells it, after we were grown.

Seems like only the disasters come to mind but in that period we lived on the farm as a tenant farmer. We had an underground cistern and in the summer we would run out of water and daddy would have to haul it.Our pond would go dry sometimes, but I can remember it was time to haul water. Daddy put a 50 gal wood barrel in cut down model T and we went to the pond.It was low so daddy backed down hill to the water level and put a log under the wheel and started dipping from the back of the car to fill the barrel.The log went into the mud and the car rolled backwards into the pond and almost trapped my Dad under it.He would have drowned if the car would have pinned him under but he escaped.I thought it was funny not knowing the danger.But remember well he went to a neighbor and borrowed ropes and pulleys. And had to figure how to set them up so the little span of 4 mules; Katie and Dina, Red & Black color respective had an easy job pulling him out.

In these same years, we had some little turkey and they were across a creek that got swift when it rose. It came a bad rain and Daddy went to look after them. As he feared they would be drowned as they hold their heads up when it rains and just drowned.I followed and could not find him so I was sure he crossed the creek on the foot log on tree that was across the stream.So I started across and was proceeding but when I got out in the middle, I got to watching the water which was almost to the log and it seem to make me want to fall off - but managed to make it.And I went on to my dad.He was surprised to see me and I did not know why he was so surprised and so shocked too as he know the risk I had taken.I never know until later in life why he was so careful to get me back across that log and I didnít think I needed his help.

Also just before we moved to town, the depression so bad the government had the farmers to plow up the crops, a portion of it and kill some of the live stock to increase the prices of proceeds.They bought up some to give away and we got some of the groceries.I can remember how good the ham was cured out and also remember my Grandpa was visiting us when daddy plowed up a patch of good cotton. He thought it was a shame and waste.My grandpa was an insurance salesman and would come in and tell of the ones he wrote up or visited that day and would make fun of a strange name.I can well remember he met us coming from school and it was close to the train track and cutting through a bank. We were up on a hill about level with the people on the train.He must have saw the train coming cause he hustled up to the spot and said follow him in saying ďWho Ray, Who Ray, Who Ray, CorbetĒ the name of the little town close by.When he gave the word, we said it loud and clear and the people looked and waved at us.We got a big kick out of it and thought our Grandpa was something else.

We had some turkeys as I already said and one day mama told me to stay with the Hen until I found her nest and not to disturb it.So I waited and waited before she would take off for it and finally she made a run for it and I went through bushes, trees, weeds, etc.She disappeared and I searched and searched until I almost stepped on the Hen, but made out like I never found her and looked the other way and kept searching as to fool her.I marked the spot well as to show my mother.It was a well accomplishment for me because I had really done something.I also had to find a guinea nest too and all the racket they make and others try to drown you off the real chase.My dad let me ride the muleís home for lunch, we called it dinner, and he watered them at a pond or tank we called it. It was close to the barn and not the tank we hauled water from.Any way I was holding on to the harness and when the mules bent over to drink, the harness slipped down over their necks and I went over into the tank. I came out yelling.

At this place, I just have to tell one more thing that happened and it is outstanding as all of us talked about it for a long time.I had just carried my dad a jug of water and on my way back I crossed a ditch, a wash in the field, and saw a big black spider about the size of a coffee saucer.His legs were big as fingers and hairy and two green eyes that I could see move.So I threw a clod at him and he reared up on hind legs. I backed up, so I ran, and come again, and he reared up again so I decided to go as I could feel the danger.I looked back at a distance and saw him jump from wire to wire on a fence and from the top wire he jumped into a tree that had a limb bent over the road.When I got to the house which was about 1,000 yards, I told my mother and sister.I was all excited but they seemed to be pretty calm and they never saw what I did.But a little later in the day my sister and I were swinging on a caisson swing in a tree close to the road between the gate and the house.We could see him in the center of the gate coming in from the road.We got pretty close and he reared up on hind legs and my sister and I ran to tell Mama.She came and saw him and our big dog as I will describe later came up and as he came up the big spider reared up and the dog backed up.Mama tried to sick him on the spider but he would not attack.Bruno, the dog, would kill cats, dogs, snakes or anything that made him mad or that we would tell him to get.So Mama ran to get a hoe as she said my baby sister was on a pallet near the front porch to which the spider was going.Mama went for the spider and he jumped as she hit and as he jumped on the porch, she hit him and then really beat him up but saved part of him to show Daddy and we had lots of excitement that day.To set the record straight, he was over all large as a saucer, not a plate.The legs big as little finger & hairy and you could see his eyes as they shine & look at you as you moved around.By the way our dog Bruno got poisoned and we were sad, but it was not long until we moved to town.

As I am writing the event I can remember most, I will have to go to 3 or 4 stages.First stage was a child until school age and then through the country school until town and into high school, then adult life.After we moved to town & I got to see all the ways people done.It seemed all were about the same.That is a routine for me - school, a little work at home, my lessons, and on weekends, a show or hunt or some event on Saturday and to church on Sunday. It always seems daddy was busy in his work and finally got his way of making mattresses paid for and managed to get $20.00 in advance.So he kissed it and vowed he would never be broke again, as it was such a feeling to be without any money at all through that Depression.As of today I think 35 to 40 years after kissing the 20 it was a bad thing as I believe it made him think of the 20ís above all other things.Donít want to get into this period, but will bring out my thoughts and things I can remember most and also things in life as I see it.We were in town and Daddy moved several times trying to do better.As we moved, we learned new friends, saw more things and learned more things.One thing I can say, we learned how to get along pretty well in our community and not any of us got in jail or paid a fine, drink very little, and little smoking.I remember my smoking one day at noon and on my way back to school.I inhaled a few puffs and was so sick when I got to school; I had to be excused to go home.Not letting anyone know what really happened.In this same time, give or take a few years, I went to hotel with friend and heard the elevator man would sell us wine so we found him and got it.And on the way home from town we had to go close to a cemetery so we did not want to go in dizzy so we walked into the cemetery and finished it off.We got so dizzy and sleepy we sleep there and had to tell our folks we stayed with each other.And another time I got some whiskey from some one. A half-pt. of rotgut, it was called.We lived by the park in a shotgun house.I got home and my mother let me in the back door and I got in and on the bed.I told her I was sick and she was nice and hoping she would not tell daddy, but when I started throwing up, she was not so nice and I never was so sick and dreaded the next morning.Daddy did not get after me then, but morning finally came and daddy did not say anything but give me a look I will not forget.

My little brother and I were playing football in school.I did not make out very good until I went to Jr. High.But I can remember my brother got a gold football pin for being the best blocker.He could really scamper with that ball.I played all through Jr. High and it gave me pride and got to go to different places.But I can remember well which I went to High School. I was on the 4th string and so many guys - I quit after 1 week.My brother quit playing as we were absent in school a lot, as Mama was sick a lots and we must have put a big burden on her.To when things werenít right as clean cloths, lunch money or something to do at home, we would drop out.In fact, at one time my teacher introduced me to the class as a visitor.She did not know our circumstances.She was a good teacher and I can remember lots of things she taught me.

Bout this time my dad had a mattress factory, down the street from where we lived and my Grandpa stayed there some as he was separated at that time from Grandma and still sold insurance. I can say I never was ashamed of my Grandpa even if he did sleep in daddyís shop and sometimes in the basement of the courthouse. One thing I can remember about him, he could carry on talk with any one.And he could spell almost anything, and he did not have a school education.As a matter of fact, he said there were beginning to be too many educated fools. I remember the story he used to tell about how one of hands had some scars on it; wild hog got him.He was raised in Tenn. and came to Texas in 1900 at the same time Dr Smuttern of Corsicana, a veterinarian. My Grandpa went to stay in Texas and was a farmer and this may be a tale but said he had a patch of Tom Watson watermelons that you could walk from one to another they were so thick and hauled them to town on a wagon.

One time at the mattress factory where my Grandpa stayed two or three of his sons gathered there and one had some words with him and threatened him. One said if he hit him he would get him and they almost went to gather.But I can remember the whole scene and said right then to my self, I would not ever hurt my Mother or Dad.While my Grandpa was there, I would carry his supper lots oftimes as he had very little support. We would talk and he never gave me a sad or bad time.Mama would give him hell once in a while, but I know she cared for him as she would keep fixing the suppers and I was at the side of his bed later on when he took his last breath.Him and Grandma were living together when he passed.I will tell about her and what she meant to me later. Also that I donít forget my Grandpa sold insurance as I did and will tell about later in period of my life.

Well to get back on the right period, I finally quit school just before I finished and we moved close to Magnolia pump station and old 31 Hwy to Waco about 1940.I wanted to be an electrician as electricity always interested me.I read a piece in a magazine that came. Electric of Chicago would train me in motors if I could get there.†† I saved up 8 dollars and started as I thought daddy would not hear of it. As he wanted me to work there in station and shop.I got to my uncle in Gladewater, Gilbert Lane. I stayed 1 week and they wrote Daddy, as I saw I could not make it on that money and was too tired to hitch hike. I came home as a run-a-way but did not think of it as a run a way, as I had great ambition to make something great.

About this period the Mormon minister got to my dad and visited him and he would take anyone in and they converted the whole family.I thought about being a preacher and go on missions, but a Church of Christ neighbor put up a strong debate with two of the Elders about Joseph Smith and the start of the Church.I started investigation of all the churches and found out the Catholics were oldest Christian church. But dared not talk to priest as I had been told he was taking orders from Rome and no go.†† I did go to school next to church and when we see the priest we would stay away from the fence.

Anyway things were happening fast during this period.My Dad got a new partner to help him and they bought a new bldg. and the war was fixing to start and I was making a date now and then.I decided to go to Merchant Marines so the army wouldnít get me. Save my money a couple of years.Well I made up my mind to go to the priest in Corsicana, TX. tho I had heard many things about him.I was really scared to go.I did go to school next to the church & his residence and we would not stay close to the fence as we were told we might be carried off some place in a slave camp and he was getting orders from Rome.Even tho there were some Italian boys I liked and played with, did go there. They seemed ok, but I could not get it all together. They seemed different.Rudolph Palemeri and Donald were good buddies, especially Rudolph.Well I went to the priest and we talked. I told him who I was and what I came for.He was nice and invited me in and did not beat around the bush.He strictly talked business, no hidden words. Straight out what the church represented there and throughout the world.He did not try to make me join or carry me abroad.He was blunt and strict with the things the church expected of membership.Yes, it was a take it or leave it for as his quoting me to be a member.Actually it seemed like they was so smart. I was to dumb to ever be a member, but he was nice.I stayed about 1 hour and he gave me a book that give questions and answers that might help me. I wanted to know more.Between then and the next meeting I met my wife. Then a girl who was a Catholic, even though I did not let her know how I felt about the church.It give me reason to go back and talk some more so when I made my second visit, I told him I met a girl that was a catholic and he knew this family and spoke well of them.Still no talk of me joining the Church and I thought nothing at the time of marriage.Well I ask some questions about the book Father Instructs Jackson .He helped me and was pleasant to talk to and made me feel as if he had special job to work for the church. There was a different aim in my talk that I was real sincerely in the Church. What it taught and when it started.I was interested in getting in the right boat.I did not know it but it was unusual for some one to come out and seek the truth. Now it makes me something special - well wasnít long till I knew I wanted Christina. And wanted to be married in the Church. Not knowing it could make me ask what to do if I married a Protestant or mixed marriage as I read in the book.He gave me a shock, a mystery to me. And said I could join the Church, get married, and confirmed - the works. As the bishop was coming in a short while so I never really ask to join, but consented and confirmed all proposals if it was possible.He asked me for a date: I got one and few instructions and memorizing to do as time was short and I was scarred.Yes, scarred that I might not stand up to the part. I was to play to such a deal that I know by now I was a special one in the act. One thing about Father Graffeo, he was always helpful in things that needed to be done or connections with the church.

Well, I got to get along as now I was married and the war was going on and I got a deferment for farming. But finally I joined and Christine went to D.C. with my sister and aunt to stay while I was gone.So I went to D.C., as they did not get me right a way and then Christina was pregnant.I was drafted and sent to camp Fannin in Tyler, TX and Christina went home.I took my training in the summer of 1944 and it was hot.Jr. was born and I went overseas.I went over on the Queen Mary, a big ship with 17,000 troops and 3,000 crew.We landed in upper England, saw Scotland and got on a train and went to the English coast, got on a boat andSouth Hampton to La Harve, France, and then truck to a castle near Paris.We zeroed in our rifles and trucked to the front line at Nancy, France next to Metz, France and to Saur Laurten.Next to Sarr Brooken across the Sarr river into the Siegfried line.Most of my fighting was from the area and then the Battle of the Bulge.Went, held, and went to Holland and crossed the Rhine into Germany and the Ruhr pocket.I had my tonsils swell up at Sarr Laurten and was sent back to Cherbourg.Had them out and back to my out fit in Ruhr pocket.We rode the trains back to my outfit in Ruhr pocket.We rode the trains back to LaHarve; they called them 40 & 8 - 40 men or 8 horses. -We were crowded up, day and night.We were worn out. I got on ship USS Gordon back to states, where I was got back.I was shipped to San Antonio for discharge and home.It was a big boy; Christine was staying at home, Mr. & Mrs. Dan Budai at Richland, TX. We had to get started all over again so I started farming, lived at Corbet, TX for one year on small scale and then to Blooming Grove where I got a tractor.I raised cotton, corn. Then moved to Dawson, TX where I got 2 tractors and good land and cattle and hogs.Tommy was born at Blooming Grove in Corsicana clinic.Annie was born at Dr.ís office in Blooming Grove and David at Dawson.Well, I had my whole family.††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Now Jr. was 4 and driving big tractor to pull corn.Christina learned to drive pickup.We were all fine. At Dawson Jr. learned to drive big tractor and Christina learned to drive pick up in open field Ė 1948/49.We were doing pretty good, but I was young and too dumb to know it.So we quit and moved to Corsicana to go in mattress factory and I sold everything and lost any good credit and business was not so good.We moved to Palestine.My brother Victor and my Dad were all three partners so we went about 1 year or 2. But being new business we could not make it.So Victor went back to Corsicana & I went to public works.Daddy stay own and done real well. I learned to run a 10-pump station.How to make boots for Frye Boot Co. of Boston, Mass., lay pipe line for Lone Star Gas co. & drill a well for Beckman Oil Co of Kilgore.The only good thing I got was being a member of the Knights of Columbus and Boy & Cub Scout leader and all my kids went to Catholic school which pleased me very much.I finally went to Freeport to go in mattress business for myself.But could not get started so I worked for Vic Smith a friend of Vernon Schaub of Palestine which was good to us and we enjoyed our stay which was a short time. We went to jetties fishing almost every weekend and Annie fell into water once - scared the hell out of me. And those mosquitoes just keep on biting. We came back to Palestine and I went in with Daddy for a while. But not enough for the both of us. So I brought out a manís business - St John.The Home Bedding co. was in Marlin, TX. hwy 7 west, 524Bridge street on the side of the hill and colored cemetery on 2 sides which

we all know as Home-----

In Marlin from 1958 to 1981 has been our home in small house.I donít know how we did it but was pleased that kids did good in Marlin public schools. And boys did get to be alter boys; all three of them which was a pleasure to me. I was commander of VFW and Grand Knight for two terms and was a Falls county delegate and went to San Antonio to convention and had my picture made with Senator John Tower and came out in Thorndale paper.

But the mattress law came out with fire law and I had to quit making mattress.I made lots of mattresses in Marlin and towns around 20 miles away, also the big hospital Tolbert Hutchings & Smith and the rest homes in this area and motels.We also did upholstery and Christina learns to sew almost any kind of couches and chairs. But we did not save any money but finally got everything paid for.It hurt that I could not buy lots of things the kids wanted and most other kids had. But I am proud that they had plenty to eat and a dry place to sleep.The very essentials are what I saw to as I gave up on doing the big things.Then the hard part;Jr. and Tom wanted to go to get the big job and big money.Mr. Ritter's son had a job at docks so we went down to find a place and they went to go and try to get on.So we found an apartment - low place, low price, & they found out where to go next morning; so I was to head back to Marlin.This hurt more than anything I had so for all the way home, wondering and worrying about their safety. And the fact that I could not do more for them - well they made it but did not get the good job and had to struggle with almost nothing and I could not do nothing ...what they did was on their own.

Well a little of each child.Jr. did finish H.S. and went to Temple Jr. College, but before he could land a good job he had to join the air force and they sent him to Thailand which took him away from us for two long periods.But hope his love for us remains the same.He is going to make a career with 4 or 5 years to go.He has a beautiful family with Linda, a Thai girl that bound to love him very much to come over here from her folks for him.He has two wonderful boys - Gary and Tony.They plan to live close to Austin and be close to us.

Tom went into seminary.I took him down, hated to leave him there but knew he would be in good hands. But to think he would be away from us long periods was on my mind.I hated I had no money to give him, and he had to make it on less than anyone there; the 4 years he was there.If I had it to do over again, I would have hustled some money some way - he would not tell me how bad it was and I did not know how serious it was. As I thought they took care of him financially too.Well I went to graduation ceremony and John Connelly made a speech and was proud it was my son.Glad he made it and had a good education in religion.†† Then the army got him and he went to Viet Nam war pretty quick. Glad he could see way back home and wanted to finish his education so he could teach. So I went to Nacogdoches. Watched where he was staying and was hurt that he had so little money. But found a place which did not help much. But want to save him the rent in long run.Was so glad when he finished and happy when got married and had Little Chrissie which was our first grand baby.It upset us to see them split up, but stayed out of it. Hated she lost her mother, but give Mrs. Olds praise for helping Tom with her while he went to work with off shore drilling to pay his debts.I think he had a lot of guts to get all shaped up again and hold his pride and character.In 1981 he is married again to a woman and little boy that I have not seen.They are from New Orleans, La.I think they will make it. I am for them 100%.I miss seeing Tom, but he lives far and got his obligations, so I can put up with it, but just wonder if he misses me too.

That Annie was always a little special as the only girl.I and Mrs. Barnebee were the nurses at her birth.I saw the Dr. spank her tail and she let out a yell.And when she fell in the well at Blooming Grove, TX a miracle happened. Makes me thing she is lucky, and God has special reason for here.Even tho I did not provide a special room and place for her in the home & she had to make it with 3 brothers.She held her own and had her monkey and did such a good job that all 3 brothers. Think more of her than any one I know.Yes, when she finished high school, she left home which hurt and not having money or help made it worse but I knew she would make it as she had determination.Her little car accident caused lots of worry to here and us too.We did not have money to get it all worked out and she could not raise the money.I did not try hard enough at first, but something happened and we made a large sale and got the money and everything worked out fine.

Even tho we had no money or help when she came home from college, she came and seemed to be glad to see us which I noticed.I was a little against her going to Houston to make a little more money, but I left it up to her and her judgment.I have always had confidence in Annie.That is where she met and married that man Bruce Weaver, which looks like they were meant for each other.I can say that as that is the way Christine and I met.When we got together we stayed together and wanted to be together. And since they could not have children of their own, they were fortunate enough to get the most wonderful boy, Trace. Anyone would like him and it thrills us to have him around and to know that he know we like him and have him call us.†† We donít know much about the little girl Katy, but know she is in good hands.Have to say a little here about Bruce as he is a little quiet around me so I really donít know exactly how he feels towards us, except it must be good as he has always been nice and showed respect for us.I think they are a real family and dam proud of them.

Then there is David, the caboose, which made him the baby for a long time and a little special and he learned from all the rest. Also he kept them off him and held his ground.†† When he made alter boy, it made me real proud and showed real interest in school.I did not help him in school purposely. He liked foot ball and I just went to a game or two which I hated afterwards.When he got ill, we were worried, but seemed he would make it and he had determination went on to graduate.Then to a special school to show what he could do.He tried two or three things, but could not do what he wanted to do. So kept trying to find something he liked and could do. I noticed whatever he did; he wanted to carry it to perfection.†† It hurt me not to help but just like all the rest I had no money or way to get him into something. A friend of his had a sale and he bought and from that day until this. He found what I think he wanted, something he likes, the challenge, the excitement, and the judgment and all interest.The only thing he stayed at home longer than the rest and now he is gone a lot and we miss him just like all the rest.But just like all the rest, great to hear they are coming home.

They always seem to pay attention to Mama more than me. I am jealous. I always have something going on like Bar-B-Que, eats, place to go, or something.†† I know it is a natural thing but I canít help it either.I will express myself now. ††I love all kids the same and have no evil, bad or anything against any one of them.I feel the same way about my in-laws and xís.They mean a lot to me even tho they are out.And long as we are living we want you to come home and make it feel like home. Always did.If anyone you do something to disrupt this coming home feeling, get it together and contact your one in question and make it right.†† Remember you are the only one that can, and if you let it go on you and the rest will suffer and miss the best part of life; unity.

Well it is a year later and I will add a few things.First, David came home again and all are in Houston at Annieís for a get together and Davidís birthday party, 13 Nov.I stayed home to try to protect what I have as I have no insurance and no pension or S.S.Probably so I have to live conservative and try to look for tomorrow.It give me a wonderful feeling to think all my kids would help me through a bad time, but hurts also that I have not been more successful. So now like it is, I have to be best I can.

Also I did not say much about Tomís wife and young man, Chris.Well, I have learned lots in short time.Everything looks in order.They seem to like me and Tom is lucky as I to have a fine cook as well as someone who no question loves him very much.Why do I say that - well it is plain as can be.††† Not only did she give up all the pleasures of living in New Orleans, her home, but just be around them anyone could tell.Remember I like to hear that Chris call me Grandpa. Yes, I have respect and proud of them.

Well Jr.ís wife went to Thailand and supposes to be back tomorrow or Tues.Hope everythingO.K. over there.I told her to tell here mother hello and we will do our best to make her feel at home over here.Jr. got 4 more years in service.He plans to get some acres and live on small farm. Where, I do not know. Plans do not always work out.Tom bought 2 acres and we bout one together about 10 miles north ofTomís.We have plans to get over there in a few years. Annie and Bruce have had it rough this past year, but holding on.David plans to spend his summers in the East.Palmer, Mass - his second house. Bernard Samck, is man where David stays.We are hoping to sell our junk pile and property so we can travel some before we get to old.I have had digestion trouble last 2 weeks.†† Hope it not serious, but never know at my age and from now own anything can happen.Daddy is almost gone at Maurineís and I called Mama.Makes her 80, Ha canít say any more - I love her.

The holidays are coming up.Hope all well and will be happy.Will have to say one thing more before I close for this time.†† When I started this time on page 26 - 11/13/82 I had to read a few pages back to bring every thing up to date.I want to let you all know my growl or bark is not all bad and rough as it sounds.As I cried 3 or 4 times before I got started writing.I wasnít guilty tears, but just strong love I have for you. Dec 2, had time getting over our cold and cough.Mama, me, and David. David still has little.Hope he gets better as he just went to Canton and in weather some sleeping in his van.Different changes and he has no treatments.

Well lots of things happen in a year or two - my Daddy died in 83, my friend Larry Carter of Waco died, my good friend, the one that went with me to the east junking the first time died.He was a good friend because he was pleasant to be around, liked my family, and all his family and kinfolks in KY liked me.He had to be a real friend because long as I knew him he never infringed or tried to beat me in any way and still was as ever, and said on his deathbed he loved us. Also my friend, Leonard Wood of Waco, whom I bought things from and traveled with some and associated with a lot.We were just two people that could trust each other with anything and know they would be straight with you are friends that are hard to find.Most are after the money only - with just enough friendship to get it. Mama is 80 now and called me yesterday and talked long time.I love her lots, and wish I could be with he some in her last days.I just canít figure out all what makes things like they are. But it hurts.

We were all together Christmas, my family; what a thrill - even though it was short.The weather was cold, cold.Dec. 83, Jan 84. The grandkids are growing, and getting better looking all the time.Also they are getting school age and that means, they have to stay home, get lessons, and go to school and no time for papa & mama. We have done very little about getting out of business and going to move.Jr. got 25 acres near Austin and doing fine if he can hold on to it and improve it.Also, got a new trailer house.

Tom also got new trailer house but donít like the drive as it is a little far and drive off in.Hope it works it out = The sad thing to me, but know Annie can work it out, is her & Bruce.I wonít say anything as she can do her thing with any problem, cause I got confidence in her.She wonít talk to me much about her problems - probably cause she thinks I might be against the out come of this or that, but I say now to you, I am with you all the way, if you do your best, and I like all the rest it is not the end of the world.And I not only feel the pain you are going through ever since you saw the parting, everybody does.Some things you have to leave up to the Lord.I say again, do your best, your dad.

††††††††† Well David just got a short stay maybe a little over a month and he will go back north.Donít hut as much as first time but thinking about it since Christmas.He has not got to fish much as weather been awful but just new glasses and running here and yonder so that he not been here very much this winter.Heís got lots of friends ere and gets lots of calls from up north from friends and when he goes to Canton you can see he has lots of people like him.I am proud of him.

†††††††† I am almost 60 in July.Mama writes liking me. Lucille and Oren came fro a visit 2 weeks ago.They are doing ok & plan to go to Colorado when the weather gets right.My cousin, Derwood Lane, a professor at Ft. Davis, TX.Had an operation for cancer, but seems to be doing Ok.He and I have lots in common - religion, antiques, & studying things in life.Wanting to get things out of life.Ha, maybe just wanting.

††††††††† Christina is wanting to get moving, traveling for some junk, flea market, garage sales or anything to be moving.Ha, have to work on that for her.She went to Houston with David, so I am alone this week --

We were all together Christmas, my family; what a thrill - even though it was short.The weather was cold, cold.Dec. 83, Jan 84the grandkids are growing, and getting better looking all the time.Also they are getting school age and that means, they have to stay home, get lessons, and go to school and no time for Papa & Mama. We have done very little about getting out of business and going to move.Jr. got 25 acres near Austin and doing fine if he can hold on to it and improve it.Also, a new trailer house. Well it is about 1 yr. later and lots of things have happened.Just start with David = quiet confident. David and Christina are in Houston and I been alone this week.They went to fix brakes etc on pick up.A friend of David (Lynn) works on cars for his self but will help David get mine fixed up.Annie is in Europe taking a vacation after he marriage went sour.She got divorce.All I know , they got a peaceable settlement so far.As I said counting her doing the best thing. I said in previous pages, I donít know much about Bruce, seemed things were working, but only thing I had against him was he was not or did not show any religion in his actions.But as he has parted the Lane kin, I still like him, as he is my friend and treated me like a father-in-law.Not the things he give us, but show that he cared and one time he said I could hook up to the place at Hockley when I got old.Made me feel he was look out for us.I believed he was sincere.All I can say I hope him good luck. And Annie, I know you been struggling for 2 or 3 years.Hope you can relax and let your troubles go by.As you know you can put it all behind as Jr. & Tom had to and come out pretty damn good.I may not do or act as you think I should in the last 2 years while you were in your trouble, but as you know and will learn, you canít do all the things that should be done.But I can assure you Mama and me were with you all the way and hurt about the whole thing. Tres and Kay are growing like weeds.They were here last week and seemed to like it ok.Glad they like school.Tres seemed to have little trouble with lessons but needs to work on it more.After they left, Jr. and Tony came and stayed one night.††† We went to Troy and cleaned up.Jr. brought his mower to get fixed at Mr. Pecinaís on Hwy 6.E.L., I think, a good friend of mine, lost his wife 2 yes ago.†† The one of 2 that run a station on Commerce street for a long time.He told Jr. that he had a daughter near Smithville.Jr. and all seem to be getting along ok.†† Always in a jam with high payments but the farm he bought will get it through if he can hold on to it and I still have my place in Nacogdoches. and all the kids, got together after Christmas and worked like Trojans.Got all up but roof.I went over and helped put the roof on.Even Davidís friend, Jerry, came and worked 2 days.No charge.What friends, what kids.Donít know if I ever get over there, but can thank them all and now I let them know I am proud of them.David went back and got sheet rock put in side and elect work done.Lynn of Houston loaned tools & some supplies and I would like to say B.D. Olds loaned a ladder.David said they got the sofas on and windows in.

Well, David is leaving soon after Canton flea market.He got to stay here more this winter. It was a cold one.He and Mr. Ramsey got a little fishing in, not much bird hunting this year.They caught 2 or 3 good catches. Mr. Proctor and his wife, of Temple, came over to eat Davidís fish dinner.All filleted, I helped cook it and we had a feast.They think a lot of David. Well we hate to see David go, but he is ready to get on the road again.I will say I am still worried about Mama; My Mama.She is practically alone and worse in health.It hurts to stay and not be with her some, as it looks a shame. But as I said some things we can not help or donít think we can.I just donít know how to cope with some of my problems and donít want to make the wrong move.My motto is to try to please everyone or try, but it gets harder to do and sometimes I want to give up and start a new set of ways.You know I believe it may be the good Lord that is holding me on my coarse. I hope so.

Well, any way we tried to sell house and move to Nacogdoches, but as of now, no plans and hope to stay in boat for a while as we can stay and pay our way, and see what happens.We donít get to see the kids much as we would like to, as all going to school and work, etc, & distance.But hope we can keep the closeness in our hearts as we have now for each other.This is almost April and almost July (61) and next July I will be 62. Probably wonít get SS or much any way.I will wait and see.Hope we can get Medicaid or Medicare as insurance is out and know someday we will have something wrong, as all do.One thing David has learned, you have to learn to live with what you got.If you canít, it is miserable.Ha.Hope it donít get any worse.Will keep in touch hope all good luck and a lot of happiness. Your Dad, 3-28-85.

Chrissy Lane is so special to me because she is my oldest and first granddaughter and the daughter of my second son, Tommy,I hope she remember me as being a little strict and wanting her to be a certain way. The smartest one in her undertaking.

Chris Lane is real special to me because he is my oldest grandson.Also he is the son of my second son, Tommy, & my daughter-in-law Lucille.I hope he remembers me as wanting him to be a little more free because I know he can handle anything that comes his way.Remember Grandpa said you were tops.

Tres Weaver is my special grandson, because he is the son of my only daughter Annie.†† Also so smart in seeing that things are in order like they should be.I hope he remembers me as old grouch Grandpa that keeps on him if he doesnít do right.

Katy Rose Weaver is special granddaughter because she also is the daughter of my only girl Annie and she is so pretty and sweet.But hope she remember me as tough on little girls that donít do right. I know she will make it O.K.

Gary Lane is a special grandson because he is the son of my oldest son Edward Jr.; also the son of my daughter-in-law Linda.I hope he remember me as being not so mean but wanting him to be real smart in all his doings.†† He will come out on top.

Tony Lane is special to me because he is the second son of my oldest son Edward Jr. & Linda, my daughter-in-law.He is also special to kids as he gets a little petting.Hope he remembers me as not to bad Grandpa that always growls when he doesnít mind Mama and Daddy; but he and I are big pals.Remember papa always liked you, and you can make it at what ever you do.

This page got left out. Put in now.Sounds like something I wonít read when I am gone. But what I would like to express anytime. 3/20/85.David been gone 2 weeks.High country. No work yet. 4/14/85.

Well, waited long time before I got started again 12/12/85.We finally heard from David.He called every week or two this year.Also came in on the summer for 2 weeks. He has been home quiet a while but gone most of the time as he had to fix his van and pickup and last weekend helped Jr. roof his big barn. ††We are proud of David, and he let us know where he is and goes.He has everything in order to try another year.I know he will make it ok. Well got to bring in few of things that took place in 1985.Major thing that Annie & Bruce are separated.Bruce got married again, so wonít say anything about him.It has been hard on Annie to get adjusted, but know she will as she is just determined to make it and raise those two kids to be good and smart.And they are.Tres is going to a special school and doing good and Katy Rose is getting all kinds of compliments.They show that they like both Grandma and Grandpa.Well maybe Grandmas a little better.Annie has got her hands full for a while, but it will pass quickly and she will be proud she done what she thought was right.

Next, Mama, my Mother, moved to Athens, TX.But same care taker.We call each other, but donít visit.I know she wants to see me and I want to see her, but every thing seems to keep us apart.Want to say it hurts me as I know a family should not be that way.All I can say, it is one of my crosses in life.

Jr. & Linda about the same, except Gary about quit coming to see us. Jr. got his # 1 duty to Air Force and trying to keep improving his place and his two kids in school.Also getting good reports on school kids.They are growing but we still miss them coming to see us.

Well, leaves us to talk about Tom and family.Donít know when we visited last. We have talked on phone.Hope they make it Christmas. Know they got good excuses too.Two kids in school and foster parents, the K.C.ís, and distance too and job # 1.Well as the rest we miss them too.

And I am still in a stand still, canít sell, or sell out and canít afford to give this up.Unless something gives, maybe when I see how much SS I will get next year, I can make a move on something.I sold the Troy Place to John St Clair of Austin on contract.So guess something.Also got trans. fixed.Want to get over there & do a little work.Also got in on some of those invitations of Lucilleís good cooking.Well we heard from all friends this Christmas.Everyone seems to be O.K..Leslie & wife broke up. Hurts Maurine. Celia Dell got a good man and her two boys make a nice family.She said they were very happy.All in all thank God for another year and thank it had been good to us.All tho got doctors appt - at 2pm tomorrow.Hope that is as I have the jitters today.Mama and David went to Houston yesterday.Be back Sat.32* now.

Couple of years went by.First Annie got married again to Sylvan Schwartz.We went to the wedding.It was at Mr. and Mrs. Weaverís home.All were there except Lucille and Chris.Lucille had a small baby, foster baby and could not come. It was a big wedding and big reception after with lot of Annieís friends and Weavers guest there.I met Mrs. Schwartz, Sylvainís mother and his son & daughter.They seem nice to me.His daughter will live in Philadelphia., PA and Sill, his son will live with Annie and Sylvan, Tres, and Katy Rose.It is late Feb. 1987.They got it all together now all in school and appear to be doing fine. We are happy for them.

David is home and got the jitters to go north as he plans to leave in about 1 month.He signed up for SS Disability. Went to Dr. for examination here in Marlin Tues 24th Feb. 1987.Will have to wait to see if they award him anything.

Jr. get the old Ford pick up. David got a 85 Toyota from Manord Phillips in Waco.Said it get 29 miles a gal.Jr. finally got out of air force.They are doing ok.The kids, Tony and Gary, are doing good in school. Jr. is taking odd job until he finds something he likes.They don't come up much but we understand those kids comes first.

And the big thing about Tom is he is teaching school now at Alto, TX. Called yesterday and said he works around the clock.Drive about 40 miles to work and goes to school himself on Sat. I know he just got the job as it was take what you can get at the time. But am sure he will move closer to his work soon and make it more pleasant to him and family.Chris and Chrissy are almost grown, they really grow fast.We miss them and also miss Lucilleís cooking.

Now to us.We are in same old rut. Canít go to Canton trade day in peace as hate to leave shop.But I am getting SS and Christina is going to get her check April 3rd, 1987.She seems to be doing fine except nose stops up at night and I have indigestion, overweight, and bunion on bottom of foot giving trouble.Otherwise ok.We may put out place on market again.David come in form Houston.Got rack made for his Toyota pick up, looks good.He was gone over a week as had to fix toe bar and went to Tyler to see a friend that was in hospital there.†† He was ok, but had concern in one lung.They donít know how bad yet. But if not spread, they can get it and one lung. Dr. said he be ok if not maybe 6 mo. David stopped at Toms and stayed weekend.Said they O.K., but so busy and many thing to do, no time for nothing.He went on to Houston and stayed 2 days and Annie and family are ok. They plan lots of small trips in little pop-up trailer this summer

David is in a whirl for next week he will be going up north.†† He will go up to Tomís and Tenn., Pa., and back to Ohio, then to Mass.,where he stays all summer.Mama called the other day. She seems to be lonely, as I guess Violet just goes over there at nights, one of the problems I just have to put up with, as some things we just have to live with.†† Getting green & spring surely around the corner.My black berries are budding, fixing to bloom.†† Looks like a good crop as I got them tied up so I can go down the middle and fertilize and clean as the floor, no weed and the ground is full of water.

Well, it is up in June now.†† We heard from all kids.Tom is still got teaching job at Alto and going to summer school his self for his masters.Chris and Chrissie and Lucille O.K.Still go to KC Hall for relaxation and work.Jr. is working for IBM and they came down and took Christina to the Budai Reunion at Richland.Was O.K.. I stayed here and picked berries.Annie and kids come up but did not go to the reunion as Sylvan Schwartz came the next day.Sill stayed at home as he had to go to school.Sylvan stayed one night.Enjoyed the visit.Made big cobbler and had big dinner before he left.Annie and kids stayed a few days as he had to go to England for a few days. His job carries him over there often.††† Annie gets a trip with him in a few days for 10 days.Part vacation, this comes with his job somehow.They will go to France and England.Anyway I sold 100 gal. of berries and put a few in the freezer.Thought it pretty good as dry weather and freezer got some too.†† David is fine.He did good at first sale and working on getting things for next.The dry spell broke as in May & June until 4th of June 1987 we got about 9 inches of rain.No serious flooding yet.

Now it is middle of August with about 25 days of 100* weather.Got to see all the kids this month.Jr. went to Canton, but did not sell very much.He is still working at IBM.Talked about taking a trip this summer.Annie and 2 kids came up and stayed about week; seemed to enjoy it.They brought pop up trailer as Tres know all about it - how to make it work.I did not get to see Sylvan as he went to Eng. and Sill went to camp.Canít tell much about Sylvan yet for as I know OK.But donít know very much yet.All indications they are doing fine.Annie seems to be doing better but still got lots of strain with the kids and school.

Believe it or not, Tom and family came over for weekend.Told about trip to Hawaii but will have to get back in school and got contract to teach in Alto, TX.Next year, the rest of this and next.Chrissie is supposed to go to Cal. to stay with he mother if everything works out for the next school year.She said she wants to see how it is with living with her.She made straight Aís this year.Chris seemed to be doing better and only thing I found out he eats too much.weight app. 250 - Hope he can control it, but plans to finish school as he likes 2 more years.Hear from Mama nearly every week.She seems to be more contented than usual.†† Would like to see her but same old problem; still hope to see her but have to be happy to hear her and know she still likes me.Getting old pickup painted today.May have to get another motor.Hope not for a while.Aug 18, 1987

2/11/88Snow on the ground.Snowed couple days ago too, cold but is suppose to warm up fast.Well lots happened this period of time, first Mama is still holding on but seems to be getting weaker.We have been doing O.K. or as usual.Tom sold out and moved to town; Chrissy went to Cal and come back; Chris went to Hawaii and came back a few days ago - so hope they are settled down after all disturbance.He just talked to Tom on the phone.He was off because of weather. Say they were ok.He talked of Jr. and said all there were OK.†† But Jr. has got troubles as he got out of service, no job and his retirement just making things meet.†† But got his place up for sale - all or half, I think.One thing, Jr. never let no one know how bad as he has got big idea everything will work when it impossible in reality.Ha. just like me. Hope it works out.Everyone hopes so too.†† Got to see all but Sill.Christmas.everyone doing fine, seems like Sylvan and Annie are going to make it.†† They seem to be in financial bind too as they are big spenders, but think they are trying to get a handle on it.Since I am one of those pay as you go guys, I donít ever think like they do, so maybe they will come out OK.David seemed to have a good year and I think he did as he took care of his health and making his own way, got a place to stay in N.Y. and Ohio too. So think he will be better off in 88. One thing I would like to say - the kids all got together Christmas and will all the work and effort of Sylvan, got an insurance policy for Mama and me and plan to keep it in force until we get 65.I feel bad about them paying for it and plan to refund them later if possible.†† Hope they can understand I like to carry my own weight and canít pay only the things I choose with the little income I get.And what little I have give us more pleasure of just being out of debt and take care of every day bills and needs with out worrying about it. So much for that, I just had a TV dinner as Mama and David are baby sitting in Houston. This week as Sylvain and Annie are taking a trip to Argentina. - vacation.So I had plenty of time to write.†† Today as I closed the shop.Ha.Didnít want people tromping snow in to the shop.Guess I will draw water tonight as it might get below 20*.No other news I can think of for now.

Well lots of things happened since I am getting back to catching up with things this in Oct 19, 1989.Tom moved from Harrington, TX to Kerens, TX to teach there.Bought a place. Drives bus and canít get to come up.Jr. is busy too.Donít get to see them as Linda works now and Tony and Gary are in school.Jr. is holding on to post office job.Seems to make ends meet.Annie was in court yesterday to make Bruce pay child support but had no luck as always a way out.She and Sylvan are still together but still havingtrouble among the kids.Hope they work it out.I think if there is a way, Annie will make it.They come up for the weekend and we had a good visit, Katy Rose said the blessing properly at the table and that night all said the Our Father.They seem to be on the Christian way.

The earth quake in Calif. Bought pickup in March 89, and had foot operated on in Feb 89.Well been busy and havenít keep up with all events since.

Well Aubrey died, buried at Silver City.Mama still there at Maurineís.I still go up often.This in Christmas of 90 & it was very cold. All came home but Chrissy and she went to California to see her mother.Tom and Lucille came day after Christmas and Chris never came at all.Katy and Tres were not here as they went to stay with their daddy, Bruce.So Kris, Chrissy, Tres & Katy did not make it.Sad, but we saw all of them Thanksgiving.†† They all called and I did miss them.All is well and say a prayer for the good health & things we got and have. Well another big event is the threat of war in the desert.Looks bad nothing are bad in the economy this year, but I did fair this year.And have worked harder than ever trying to keep the mall shows paying off 4 malls and canton flea mkt.: Salado, Palestine, Hillsboro, and Calvert, and here.We made a couple of trips to Pa. & Ohio.Really been a busy year.My foot not well but give no trouble just a little not & a little soar at some place.†† Annie and Sylvan still together in marriage but do not stay together as each other too proud of their children to work it out.I never got to see them as they donít come up.They, Annie & Sylvan, went on trip to England 2 weeks ago.David and Christine stayed and keep the kids.They had a good trip.I stayed here over 1 week by myself.†† Lonesome week.†† Got a bicycle. Been riding it some.David and his buddies bought out old building full of adv. - tobacco things and had a good auction so he is here & can make all his payments ok.His good luck.Him, Annie, & Tom are still good church goers.Pleases me very much.Christina & I havenít got going again yet.New Years coming up 1991.Will give a little more.

1994 March

Well, let lots of time go by before notes again.Same old condition here.We are thankful for our conditions and health as it is in 1992. I went to VA for a week.Did not find out what my trouble was.Took 3 rounds of A. B. from a Dr here at clinic and got better but still have to keep one ear packed (throat & ear infection my dynastic).Started walking 30 min - twice a day in morning and evening for about a year.praying as I walk most of time.Foot still have trouble, may have to go get it fixed or get off it or ride cycle.Hope for the best. In 2 malls, got lots of good things as Christina & I have really stayed close and worked refinishing and saving and buying everything we can.Mama is and has been in rest home at Athens, TX.I go every chance I get.Also, pick Maurine up when I go as she has no way and no one to take her.Tom and family go some and have taken Maurine

some.My Aunt Adele died last month.†† I had a wreck in Nov. 93. Had the pick up in repair the month of Dec.My worse month.All the kids come for Christmas. But 93 were sad for us as we went no where to visit and every one tied up to visit up. David came for visit. Just left this month.He has had eye trouble, but doing fine according to Dr., in Houston, report Ė got to go back in 4 month. He called and said he was home and get to going and buying and selling again.Christine still got breathing trouble.She wonít go to Dr.Annie & Sylvan Schwartz parted.†† Annie got a cleaning Co. and doing fine.†† All kids are growing and doing fine and still live in same place for good time.They call quiet a bit.Next week is Easter.Some plan to come.We plan to go see them some later.Yes, always later, when weather warms up and want hurt my car.Berries are in full bloom.Got them clean; looks like to good crop and stalks not to big.I didnít give fertilizer at right time or something.Maybe getting old. (stalks and ground)Might make 100 gal. Last year 240 bed time.Sunday 8 pm.Try to get other news when I get back.

Sept 9/23/96

Long time - but try to update.†† First, Annie married Ron Jacobson. I got down in back. They are doing fine and I got to more trips to Scott & White Hospital to find if and what to do for me.Well, the Grandkids are grad. & Chrissy is getting married in Jan.Chris & Lucille are college students & Tom still teaching and bussing and going to have a hernia took care of Thanksgiving holidays.Jr. is holding on to job and on regular.Dug a tank and got it full of water after the worst drought in Texas.†† I can remember I made only 5 gal. of berries, down from up to 250 gal.But we got rain.Rained the last 2 weeks.I think it broke the drought but lots of farmers broke this year - 1996.All of Texas and other states .Anyhow I have been in pain since the 1st of Sept.But got stronger pills and rested better last few days.Hope time will get me better.Miss the walking as I walk 1 hr - for over 2 years, but can walk, but can get around and not sick, just feel the pain.We celebrated our 53 years.One guy told me he knows what wrong with me.Ha. just old age -72 Well I can say I prayed more and begged the Lord to help me more than ever before.And hope I never give up calling on him for he does know best for me.To all I say stay with the Lord to the end.The house and place he prepared for us is worth working for.Praise the Lord. Will write when I get time.


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